New York, London, Los Angeles, Dubai, Linz … Which city has the best digital art?


It is more likely that you’ve heard of Fotomuseum Winterthur than that you’ve visited. Located in the Swiss countryside outside Zurich, it is—like the Photographer’s Gallery in London—a museum for contemporary photography that is having the slow and often painful discussions that define digital art as it rubs uncomfortably against more institutionally established mediums.

When I visited last fall to discuss how my Thirst Trap Glitch Gifs series addresses the digital curator Marco De Mutiis’s developing exhibition The Lure of the Image, we also visited a nearby goat farm.

The Tommie Hotel by contrast is located in the heart of Hollywood and features a swanky rooftop pool of Palm Springs design where the SuperRare curator Paloma Rodriguez created an exhibition that also included the Thirst Trap Glitch Gifs.

Unlike in London, I found that many artists in LA deeply identify with NFT and crypto art as their central medium and scene

These same artworks were also recently exhibited at The NFT Gallery, a commercial art space located in both New York City and London’s Mayfair….

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