Hofa Gallery and Kreation to Showcase Iconic NFT Artists


London’s HOFA Gallery has combined its efforts with Solana-based NFT platform, Kreation, to present an immersive art exhibition from May 5 – 26. Valuing at approximately $5 million (2,500 ETH), “Beyond the Screen” will feature nine iconic NFT artists, proving the worth of creators in the Web3 realm. 

All attendees can enjoy the artworks from famous NFT artists XCOPYOSFOrkhanCath SimardAlpha Centauri KidDeeKayGavin ShapiroIvona Tau, and 25m42. When entering the gallery, participants can admire a variety of mediums, including generative art, interactive installations, virtual reality experiences, digital sculptures, and more.

The HOFAVERSE Metaverse will also open alongside HOFA’s real-world gallery in Mayfair, allowing internet fanatics to the virtual gallery and browse around the clock. 

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