Elementary School Teacher Photoshops Classic Disney Characters Into His Life And The Result Is Captivating (21 New Pics)


Just like in the last post, Bored Panda reached out to Samuel MB, an artist known for his captivating photos that incorporate classic Disney characters. In the newest interview, Samuel shared insights on his creative process, challenges, and future plans.

When asked about selecting characters for his photos, the artist said, “Sometimes when I think of a funny situation, I ask myself, ‘Which character would fit best in this scene?’. I’ve seen the movies many times and know the characters well, so I try to ensure their personality aligns with the scenes. For example, if I think of a scene related to food, Timon, Pumba, or Stitch come to mind. At other times, I think of characters that have never appeared in my photos or have appeared rarely, so I include them for their fans to enjoy.”