Glitch Gallery opens two new generative art exhibitions – The Big Bend Sentinel


MARFA — Glitch Gallery, a local “analog space” dedicated to showcasing “digital art objects,”  which opened in November of 2022, will hold two new exhibitions during the weekend of the Marfa Invitational. 

Located at 108 East El Paso Street, the space will be open from May 4-7 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On view will be An Invitation to Generative Art as well as a new series titled Every 30 Days. 

An Invitation to Generative Art invites guests to learn more about the prominent generative artists Tyler Hobbs, Emily Xie and Matt DesLauriers. The works on display, from Art Blocks founder Erik Calderon’s personal collection, invite the viewer to explore the richness and variety of the new medium of on-chain generative art.

“Fidenza” by Hobbs exemplifies the variety of what the artist himself dubs “longform” generative art. The project’s 1,000 works demonstrate the versatility that a single “flow field“ algorithm is capable of in terms of scale, organization, texture and color combination. As Hobbs notes, in a successful algorithm, every work will “have…

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