Solana’s Fierce NFT Battle Deepens As Tensor Knocks Down Magic Eden For Top Spot ⋆ ZyCrypto





  • Tensor marketplace has taken a slight lead over rival Magic Eden in the past seven days after dominating 45% of Solana’s market share. 
  • Mad Labs remains key in the recent surge of Tensor, with the marketplace offering rewards to top traders ahead of Magic Eden. 
  • With a week ahead, commentators assess Tensor’s chances in the top spot with new updates coming on their rivals. 

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) remain in the driving seat of the Solana (SOL) as the network continues its development amid tight competition with other smart contract blockchains.

This week, a new king of Solana’s NFT was crowned, but how long can the reign last? According to data from Tiexo, Tensor has toppled Magic Eden as the marketplace with the most volume in the past seven days. Tensor now commands 45% of total Solana’s NFT volume, leaving Magic Eden with a  little under 44%.

The uptick in Tensor’s volume can be linked to the launch of Mad Labs, with both platforms offering rewards on it. From the stats, traders prefer…

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