‘Beyond the Screen’: New London exhibition highlights digital art creations


London’s HOFA gallery is hosting a new show that puts digital artworks in the spotlight, bridging the gap between the crypto and art worlds.

A day before the opening of the “Beyond the Screen” exhibition at the House of Fine Art gallery in London, one of the titular screens was on the fritz.

“We are facing, as we expect all the time, technical issues,” said HOFA’s Communications Director Emma-Louise O’Neill, as she gave me a virtual tour of the space. “It doesn’t matter how good we are and how well we’ve planned, you can’t account for tech at the end of the day.”

This is one of the risks of putting on a digital art exhibition. Unlike physical art, which generally stays in one place once it’s set down, digital art relies on screens, projectors, electricity and sometimes even Wifi to function. (The malfunctioning projector was eventually fixed.)

The team at HOFA had spent a week on the installation of their latest exhibition, which showcases nine works by established and emerging digital artists that are valued at $5 million (€4.5 million).


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