Gold, Bitcoin & Inflation with Lawrence Lepard — What Bitcoin Did


Lawrence Lepard is an Investment Manager and Austrian Economist. In this interview, we discuss gold and Bitcoin, comparing their relative benefits as assets over short and long time scales. We also discuss inflation, the potential threats to Bitcoin, inequality in society, and the challenges of finding credible leaders in politics. 

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As the world grapples with an uncertain financial future, it’s becoming increasingly important to diversify your investment portfolio. The two obvious assets designed to weather the coming economic storms are Bitcoin and gold. Whilst the relationship between gold bugs and Bitcoiners has been adversarial over the years, the two assets are two sides of the same coin.

There are important differences between the two: Bitcoin is digital gold, which enables it to be used in ways beyond the capacity of gold; but gold has a 5,000-year head start on Bitcoin, and can therefore provide less volatility in the short to medium term. But, the primary demand for both as a store of value is predicated on the same thesis of limited supply. They both,…

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