Velmie launches card module to accelerate fintech business roll out

US-based fintech provider Velmie has released an updated, composable white-label solution with a card module to build and launch a fintech business in a fast way.


Designing and building an optimised and secure fintech product from scratch is complicated and time-consuming. It is necessary to consider such factors as product customisation for the goals and needs of the company, cost and speed to the market, the nuances of implementation into the existing IT system etc.

The updated Velmie product includes a range of new modules, features and enhancements that meet all key requirements. Customers can mix and match pre-built modules to create a unique, customised solution.

Velmie’s card module’s capabilities

The card module is a new feature of the Velmie white-label solution. In the finance industry, cards are a critical component of many businesses’ offerings, whether for digital banking, mobile payments, or investment platforms. 

Now, Velmie provides a full set of features to start and manage a comprehensive and customisable card programme. The solution provides…

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