Forget FOMO—JOMO Effect NFT Project Aims to Boost Mental Health in Web3


“FOMO,” or the “fear of missing out,” can stress out NFT and crypto traders looking for the next big thing—but a new NFT project is attempting to spread “JOMO” in Web3 instead while raising money for charitable causes.

With Mental Health Awareness Month underway, the JOMO Effect NFT project looks to sprinkle positivity throughout the community and counteract the anxiety that can come from keeping up with the fast-moving space. JOMO is short for “joy of missing out,” a decidedly different sensation from FOMO.

The JOMO Effect NFT collection is the brainchild of Peace Inside Live, a collective of content creators, digital artists, and mental health and wellness advocates. Peace Inside Live began its journey during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is also when the NFT space first surged to towering peaks.

Dropping on May 10, JOMO Effect is a collection of 40 unique digital art collectibles by various artists with a focus on wellness and mental health. The project will be available via the Magic Eden marketplace and minted on Ethereum scaling network, Polygon.

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