Palm Generative Art Maker by Palm NFT Studio


Palm NFT Studio, launches “The Palm Generative Art Maker” tool. This tool assists creators in minting generative art collections on the blockchain. Furthermore, the innovative program offers the necessary infrastructure for artists to meticulously design their code, store it on the blockchain, and produce a diverse range of generative art pieces.

Palm NFT Studios: Breaking New Ground In Generative Art

The Palm Generative Art Maker is the latest industry standard, ecosystem expanding tool for the NFT studio. According to Straith Schreder (Palm NFT Studio executive creative director), this technology empowers smaller artists to expand their digital art collections. All the while, it also enables larger businesses to create immersive generative experiences incorporating numerous assets.

Even creators without programming expertise can take advantage of this tool. This is because it simplifies the process of bulk rendering, trait and rarity systems, and asset generation. Additionally, users can generate static and animated text, metadata, and 3D elements.

Schreder emphasized…

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