Ethereum (ETH) And Polygon NFTs Plunge – As Sparklo NFTs Will Revolutionize Real Luxury Investments – CryptoMode


The rise in the decentralized economy has increased the popularity of NFTs. NFTs has evolved from just being JPEGs or digital collectibles to various use cases with several businesses tapping into its potential.

Despite the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, it hasn’t stopped the growing popularity of NFTs in sports, social clubs & communities, the music industry and lots more.

Sparklo will be the first alternative-investment platform that will allow cryptocurrency investors to invest in silver, gold and platinum. This will be massive for the crypto economy as investors can now partake in buying real-time assets.


OpenSea Sees A Slowdown In Ethereum (ETH) NFT Sales

In recent years, the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market has experienced extraordinary growth, attracting investors and artists alike to create and trade unique digital assets. However, despite Ethereum (ETH) based NFT sales reaching a nine-month high of $643.61 million by the end of February, the market experienced a sharp decline in Ethereum (ETH) NFT sales.

OpenSea, a prominent…

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