Palm NFT Studio Unveils Generative Art Tool


A preeminent entity in the creative NFT landscape, Palm NFT Studio, has launched its ‘Palm Generative Art Maker.’ This groundbreaking tool streamlines the process of creating and minting generative art collectibles on-chain. 

Palm Generative Art Maker offers an all-encompassing infrastructure for artists. The tool allows blockchain enthusiasts and novices to develop code, save it on-chain easily, and yield unique compilations of generative artwork. In addition, the new technology simplifies the intricate coding procedure by facilitating bulk rendering and producing assets while including rarity and trait systems.  

Over the years, generative art has seen a tremendous increase in popularity. This tool, constructed by Unreal Engine, allows users to design dynamic and static 3D assets and generate metadata and text. Moreover, it opens up unique opportunities for creators to develop in-game digital assets and Metaverse experiences — further expanding the scope of generative art creations. 

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