Warren ‘Bitcoin Is Rat Poison’ Buffett Likens AI to the Atom Bomb


Bitcoin is rat poison, in the view of Berkshire Hathaway’s chairman and CEO, Warren Buffett, and its vice chair Charlie Munger. But for them, there’s something even worse: AI.

The two legends of the business world held their annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, joined by Vice Chairs Greg Abel and Ajit Jain, and they spoke freely—not only about their business but also about their perspectives on geopolitics, finance, and the future of investments.

For Warren Buffett, the constant evolution of AI tools could become a Damocles’ sword capable of causing more harm to humanity than benefit, especially if society begins to rely excessively on it.

“It can do all kinds of things and when something can do all kinds of things I get a little bit worried,” said Buffett about artificial intelligence. “I know we won’t be able to uninvent it and, you know, we did invent—for very, very good reason—the atom bomb,” he noted, in what could be the most fatalistic comparison he has made since the time when he said Bitcoin was “rat poison.”

Charlie Munger, his right-hand man, was also on his side…

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