Emerging Managers Plan To Invest In Headcount, FinTech In 2023 – Survey


US-based alternative investments fintech Dynamo Software has just released the results of a new survey from emerging managers entitled Trends, Challenges, & Insights. 

A new Dynamo
Fontline Insight Report
reveals trends in investment, talent,
and technology plans among emerging managers over the next 12
months, showing that they plan to invest in headcount and fintech
for faster growth in 2023.

The findings come on the heels of two additional pieces of
Dynamo-led primary research, an October 2022 survey of Limited
Partners (LPs) and asset allocators and a February 2023 survey of
General Partners (GPs).

Throughout March 2023, Dynamo surveyed leaders across the global
emerging manager marketplace. Participants represented a diverse
set of funds, including private equity, venture capital, hedge
funds, corporate development, real estate, fixed income,
small-cap public equity, and private credit.

“The emerging managers we surveyed have a clear vision for moving
quickly from scrappy upstarts to industry…

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