DeSantis Slams the Government’s Plan for Centrally-Controlled Digital Money


President Joe Biden and the media are excited about something new: a Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC. It’s a currency like Bitcoin, except controlled by the federal government.

Not everyone is a fan.

“Sometimes government does things that may appear to be benevolent but really are kind of like a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” says Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in my new video. “This is a wolf coming as a wolf.”

For months, I’ve tried to get DeSantis to sit down for an interview. What finally got him to agree was government’s plan for digital money.

“If you don’t trust central authority,” DeSantis says, “then you should see this immediately as something that is very problematic.”

Of course, a lot of people do trust central authority. The Biden administration says a CBDC will “protect consumers, investors…and the environment.”

“That last one’s a tell,” laughs DeSantis. “They would impose ideology certain criteria…. ‘You’re filling up too much [with gas]. Wait a minute—climate change. You can’t be doing that! You bought another firearm? No, no, no.'”

Canada’s government…

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