Breaking Boundaries: YuYu’s Personal Journey as a Queer Artist in the NFT World


The work of Taiwanese-born artist YuLiang “YuYu” Liu is not for the faint of heart.

Blending different mediums such as photography, digital art, and performance, his creations are heavily influenced by his own personal journey as a foreigner and member of the Asian and queer communities.

“As a queer artist and as a foreigner who came to Europe, I struggled at the beginning. I use my artwork to raise the representation of each community,” he tells Decrypt. “It’s a journey of self-discovery.”

In a field dominated by heterosexual males, YuYu’s work sheds light on a different voice, one that is both highly personal and enables an entire community to feel represented.

“I use my work to raise awareness and representation of the LGBT community. And I think it is particularly important in the NFT and crypto space,” he says. “There is still a gap compared to the traditional art world in terms of representation. I still receive a lot of hate messages from the crypto bros on Twitter.”

For this first solo NFT exhibition called “GAG,” YuYu decided to completely transform the space of the IHAM…

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