Illusionaries immersive art experience coming to London


Illusionaries, billed as the UK’s first story-based immersive art experience, is opening in London on 22 June.

Located at Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf, Illusionaries is a temporary experiential art hub showcasing story-based digital art.

The new attraction is launching with an audiovisual experience titled ‘Memories of a Dead Poet’. It is directed and animated by Iranian artist Arash Irandoust, who said visitors will embark on “a journey of discovery”.

“‘Memories of a Dead Poet’ is a tale told in three parts – born out of an interest in the universal nature of human experience and taking inspiration from the stories and emotions which unite us,” said Irandoust.

Described as a 40-minute art odyssey, the exhibition includes otherworldly imagery and immersive soundscapes across three galleries, as follows:

‘Epilogue’ – a 360-degree projection introduces visitors to the titular character, featuring 2D animations and themes of greed, jealousy, fear and competition.

‘Before the meaning comes’ – infinity mirrors serve as the window to the…

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