Simplified Payroll & Workers Comp Insurance With the New PEOPayGo Mobile App


PEOPayGo‘s new mobile app that is designed to make processing payroll and workers comp insurance easier for small businesses, especially in the construction & blue collar industries. It provides a streamlined, easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to onboard new employees and track employee data, calculate and pay payroll taxes, and manage workers comp insurance policies. The app also offers reporting and notification features to help businesses stay on top of their payroll and insurance obligations.

This can be particularly helpful for construction companies who are often working in the field. The overall goal of the app is to make processing payroll and workers comp insurance as simple and straightforward as possible for small businesses.

PEOPayGo makes it easy to request a certificate of insurance, submit payroll hours in the time sheet, change your payment information, and manage your employees. Each of these features is available through a simple interface that is designed to be easy to use. For example, to request a certificate of insurance,…

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