Decentra Dragon Founder Pouyan Roohi intends to Acquire NFT Marketplace LooksRare.


Pouyan Roohi – Investor

CLINTON, OKLAHOMA, May 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pouyan Roohi, the creator of Decentra Dragon, has announced the new plans to acquire LooksRare, a developing NFT marketplace, to strengthen Decentra Dragon’s position in the expanding NFT sector. Decentra Dragon made a wise strategic choice¬†by purchasing LooksRare, which will significantly increase the platform’s user base and market share.


A respected and well-known NFT marketplace, LooksRare provides a broad selection of digital assets on its platform. Decentra Dragon will be able to broaden its customer base and give its consumers more options for buying and selling NFTs thanks to the acquisition of the business. When discussing the latest developments in his organization, Roohi stressed,

We will be pleased to agree with LooksRare on buying the company.’

He further added,

It is a significant step for us in terms of expanding our reach and offering our users more options to buy and sell NFTs.”

Furthermore, Decentra Dragon is a free mint NFT project featuring a collection of 4400 non-fungible tokens that…

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