Tricolor receives the Fintech Nexus Award for Excellence in Financial Inclusion


Tricolor Holdings, a U.S. Department of Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), was recently announced as a winner of the Fintech Next Award for Excellence in Financial Inclusion. 

This recognition was given based on Tricolor’s proven track record of leveraging innovation and artificial intelligence to improve physical and financial mobility.

The Fintech Nexus Award for Excellence in Financial Inclusion is given to the financial services companies that make the biggest difference in expanding access to financial services for diverse populations.

Daniel Chu, Tricolor’s founder and CEO, stated through a press release:

We’re grateful to be recognized by such a respected and prestigious financial technology publication, but more importantly for the growing awareness of the formidable challenges faced by credit invisible Hispanic consumers with respect to mobility.

Recognized in the market for its use of innovative and advanced technologies, as well as a disruptive business model that enables the purchase of used vehicles, this company empowers…

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