Artizen Fund’s $2.2M Boost from Crypto Titans


The Artizen Fund for Human Creativity has successfully raised $2.2M from notable crypto leaders. These include the likes of Path, Juan Benet, Matt Condon from PleasrDAO, Dan Hill from Airbnb, Consensys Mesh, Animoca Brands, Protocol Labs, and other investors. Artizen brings a new and innovative approach to funding human creativity. They leverage the power of NFTs to empower creators and investors within the crypto ecosystem.

The Artizen Fund: Ready To Take Web3 To New Heights

The Artizen platform empowers creators in securing funds for their new projects. This is through the sale of cultural ‘Artifacts’ from their work. Artifacts are open-edition NFTs for their projects. These Artifacts encapsulate the essence of a project and its global impact.

René Pinnell, co-founder of Artizen, explains, “Artifacts can be an early sketch, concept art, a looping animation, or anything that documents an important milestone in a project’s life cycle.

Furthermore, Artizen periodically curates a fresh collection of Artifacts from projects that push the boundaries of art, science,…

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