NFT Lending Market Booms as Blend Protocol Hits $135M in Loans, Reddit NFTs Shine


The integration of Reddit’s collectible avatars onto Polygon has attracted a massive user base, with over 9 million holders of these unique digital assets. This achievement is a testament to the growing popularity and mainstream acceptance of NFTs.

On April 13th, it was recorded that the Reddit NFTs on Polygon have seen a remarkable response from the community, with 132,000 sales recorded. The average sale price of $114 showcases the demand and value placed on these digital collectibles. It is evident that Reddit’s move into the NFT space has struck a chord with collectors and investors alike, further solidifying the platform’s influence in the digital art world.

Polygon, the blockchain network hosting the Reddit NFTs, has been gaining significant traction within the NFT space. Notable developments such as the migration of the renowned y00ts collection to Polygon have contributed to the platform’s growing prominence. Polygon’s scalability, low transaction fees, and vibrant ecosystem have attracted artists, creators, and collectors, positioning it as a preferred…

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