This Week on Crypto Twitter: Musk Welcomes New Twitter CEO to Get to X—the Everything App

Illustration by Mitchell Preffer for Decrypt

The most important tweet on Crypto Twitter this week was an announcement on Friday by Twitter’s owner and CEO Elon Musk naming his replacement, Linda Yaccarino, as the platform’s new chief executive. 

Musk will continue serving Twitter as CTO and executive chairman

Yaccarino left her job as head of advertising at NBCUniversal on Friday morning to take on the job of helping Musk transition Twitter into X, his envisioned “everything app” that will incorporate social media and payments (possibly including crypto) along the lines of China’s WeChat

Musk is also pro-crypto. His electric car company Tesla is currently one of the largest institutional HODLers of Bitcoin, even after it sold three quarters of its…

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