Bitcoin Price Could Collapse Due to Tether According to Analyst


Renowned investment analyst Cezary Graf has shared a dire outlook for the Bitcoin price. In his opinion, BTC could collapse to catastrophic levels.

On May 11, Graf said that Bitcoin prices could collapse to $3. This wild prediction was based on Tether and Binance’s influence over Bitcoin markets.  

Graf has often shared his thoughts on several subjects in the field of finance and economics with his 42,500 Twitter followers. On his website, he promotes a series of investment webinars and offers consultation services.

According to the Polish financial advisor, a collapse of Tether or Binance or both could send Bitcoin prices crashing to levels not seen for a decade:

He said (translated):

“Without Tether and Binance, the current 27,000 USDT per BTC will turn into $2.7 per BTC. Then crypto can be financially attractive again. Better to lose an opportunity than money. Better to wait.”

On May 13, he clarified that the price prediction was a fall to $2,700, not $3.

Could Bitcoin Price Collapse?

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