NFTfi Launches Earn Season 1: Promoting Responsible NFT Lending


[PRESS RELEASE – Cape Town, South Africa, May 15th, 2023]

NFTfi, a leading NFT lending platform, has launched the next phase of its loyalty program NFTfi Rewards. In Earn Season 1, users can get rewarded with exclusive reward points for borrower-friendly loans and responsible lending behavior.

The NFT space is growing rapidly, and healthy credit markets are fundamental to its overall growth. NFTfi’s Earn Season 1 reward structure has been designed with this in mind to incentivize responsible NFT lending and contribute positively to the overall NFT ecosystem.

Stephen Young, Co-Founder and CEO at NFTfi says: “We believe that NFT lending is a crucial part of the future of the NFT space, and we’re committed to promoting a healthy and non-predatory lending environment through our new loyalty program.”

The principles by which Earn Points are calculated are the following:

  • Only repaid loans earn points: Aims at motivating lenders to carefully manage default risk via conservative LTVs, and borrowers to not take out excessive debt they might not be able to…

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