Checks Elements – This Artwork May Or May Not Be Notable


NEW YORK – Christie’s 3.0 is pleased to present Jack Butcher: Checks Elements – This artwork may or may not be notableopen for bidding May 16 – 23, 2023. This auction comprises three digital artworks from Jack Butcher’s 152-piece collection that simultaneously investigate and satirize the concept of social media verification. Through a pairing of unique monoprints and NFTs, Jack Butcher illustrates connections between manual and automatic processes that manifest through creating both digital and physical art. Each of the unique physical pieces in the collection is generated algorithmically, derived from the generative logic behind the original checks collection. This project was conceived by the artist in collaboration with Jean Milant and Cirrus Editions.

Jack Butcher: Checks Elements – This Artwork May Or May Not Be Notable

Lydia Chen, Digital Art Sales, Christie’s, remarks, “We’re thrilled to work together with Jack Butcher to present Earth, Air and Water from his Checks Elements collection. His unique take on social commentary and internet…

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