China moves ahead with national blockchain center launch to broaden talent pool


China has strengthened its resolve to become a world leader in blockchain technology by launching a national institute to train experts.

Dubbed the National Blockchain Technology Innovation Center, the institute will operate out of the capital city of Beijing in collaboration with private enterprises. Local news outlets confirm that the blockchain hub will forge partnerships with Chinese universities to create learning modules for interested applicants.

Dong Jin, director of the new National Blockchain Technology Innovation Center, remarked that the institute would equip up to 500,000 specialists in DLT to improve China’s tech space. Jin added that the rapid development of DLT in the country has fuelled a fragmentation that has the potential to stifle innovation in the space.

“Building a national blockchain technology innovation center, carrying out key technology research, industrial applications and high-level national blockchain main chain construction, connecting blockchain application platforms, and aggregating blockchain application ecology will significantly enhance…

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