Experian launches US fintech data network to fight fraud

Global information services company Experian has announced the launch of a fintech-focused version of its fraud prevention data network Hunter to the US to fight fraud.


The US fintech data network has participation commitments from nine fintechs and is designed to bring additional protection to both businesses and consumers from fraud.

Launch context and the data network’s effect on fraud prevention

As per the information detailed in the press release, Experian has a legacy of being successful in bringing fraud prevention data networks to the market globally, and Hunter is leveraged by over 450 organisations in 24 different countries across various vertical markets, saving clients more than USD 6.5 billion on an annual basis.

The collaborative data network helps participants have visibility into borrower activity throughout the fintech industry to match potential fraud risk. Participants are to share fraudulent activity in real-time by contributing data that is afterwards linked securely across the network. As fintechs form new customer relationships or verify…

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