HeyMint NFT Launchpad Unveiled by Web3 Educators NFT Plazas


Renowned NFT pioneer, Zeneca, and leading Web3 education platform, Curious Addys, have combined their brain power to revolutionize digital art on-chain. Together, they are set to launch ‘HeyMint‘ on May 30 — an NFT launchpad and platform designed specifically for blockchain novices.  

Democratizing art, providing education, and simplifying the minting process, HeyMint welcomes a new array of creators into the Web3 world, regardless of their backgrounds. With the underlying ethos of fairness, accessibility, and affordability, this user-friendly creation tool can help new creators bring art to life

HeyMint NFT Launchpad Perks 

The process behind the HeyMint NFT launchpad and platform is straightforward: first-time creators can upload their unique artistic…

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