New Cryptocurrency DogeMiyagi And Bonafide Blockchain Avalanche Carry The Future Of Web3


Between Avalanche (AVAX) introducing subnetting into its blockchain space and DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI) launching on Ethereum (ETH) 2 since the Shanghai Upgrade, web 3.0 has gone from strength to strength. It is clear why cryptocurrency and decentralized spaces are opening up doors to the new age of the internet. Welcome to Web3!


Avalanche: The Future Of The Internet

Avalanche is a decentralized blockchain that is well known for its speed and efficiency. It is often compared to Ethereum, that is, before the Ethereum network took on the Shanghai upgrade. Avalanche has an astounding processing speed of over 6,500 transactions in a single second; the first version of the Ethereum network only allowed for between 15-30 transactions.

Like many blockchain experiences, Avalanche also implements a proof-of-stake mechanism. This initially means that all users who stake the AVAX token on the blockchain can have a say on changes that could occur to the Avalanche space.

Even though Avalanche is highly valued for its speed already, Avalanche has introduced a new way to make it even faster and…

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