Gaming Dominates Web3 With Soaring Crypto Transactions & NFT Games


Gaming Takes the Lead in Web3: Soaring Crypto Transactions and Thriving NFT Games in April. Splinterlands, Alien Worlds, and The Sandbox Forge New Frontiers. Read more in this article.

April proved to be a dominant month for the web3 gaming sector, as a recent report revealed that 38% of all crypto transactions were attributed to gaming, surpassing the combined volumes of DeFi and NFTs.

Despite the sudden rise of PEPE’s token craze last month, gaming was able to make a significant impact, highlighting its resilience and enduring popularity among crypto enthusiasts. The report, which analyzed market trends and user activity, emphasized the remarkable growth and influence of the gaming segment within the crypto ecosystem.

Blockchain Gaming in April

According to the findings from Dappradar, a leading dapp analytics platform, NFT games such as Splinterlands and Alien Worlds continued to reign supreme in blockchain gaming activity. Both games are built on the WAX blockchain, showcasing the platform’s robust infrastructure and user-friendly environment.

Splinterlands, a…

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