An exhibit featuring AI-generated art opens at Cincinnati’s Studio Kroner


A month-long exhibit featuring artificial intelligence-generated art opens Thursday in downtown Cincinnati. Studio Kroner is showcasing five artists through June 17.

Owner Paul Kroner likens this technology to when graphic design began using computers. “I think we’ll go through a period where there will be a lot of — can I say crap — out there and it will settle down.”

But Kroner is a big fan of the five artists he’s featuring:

Alan Brown has been in the world of digital art since the 1980s but says he stumbled across AI-generated art last year. “At that time there were really like two choices: DALL-E or Midjourney. Now there are a gazillion,” he says.

Commercial food photographer and director Teri Campbell uses artificial intelligence programs to come up with concepts and to create backgrounds. But he says surprisingly, his style still shines through.

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