College retailer Follett adopts blockchain academic credentials with GreenLight – Ledger Insights


Yesterday Follett Higher Education, one of the largest college campus retailers with more than 1,100 physical stores, announced a partnership with Greenlight Credentials. Greenlight provides blockchain-based verifiable credentials for student academic records.

In the U.S., the records of all the courses attended and grades earned are referred to as a college transcript. Greenlight gives control of those transcripts to the student in an electronic format so they can choose with whom to share them. It helps high school students applying to colleges and college graduates looking for their first jobs. Using a combination of blockchain and decentralized identity, colleges or potential employers can verify the validity of the academic records.

“Our model grants students the ability to safely and securely build a lifelong educational record that supports their academic and career goals,” said Manoj Kutty, CEO of GreenLight Credentials. “This partnership will reduce administrative burdens for schools and level the playing field for students, and we’re excited to…

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