Ganache Blockchain: All you need to Know


Difference between Ganache and Truffle

Ganache and Truffle are two popular tools developers use to make their lives easier when developing smart contracts. While both tools have unique features, they also have limitations, making it essential to understand when to use them.

Ganache: A Personal Blockchain for Testing Smart Contracts

Ganache is a personal Blockchain that allows developers to create a private Ethereum network to test their smart contracts. It offers all the functionalities of the leading Ethereum network without the costs associated with deploying and testing arrangements on the main network. Ganache provides developers with advanced mining controls and a built-in block explorer, making testing and inspecting smart contracts during development easier.

However, Ganache has its limitations. Since it is a private network, it does not accurately mimic the actions of miners on the primary grid. This can cause issues when developers need to test the behavior of smart contracts that depend on miner actions. Additionally, the gas limit on the leading network is a moving target…

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