Mattel Accelerates into Fast & Furious NFTs


Fast & Furious fans are in for a ride this month with the unique opportunity to enter the digital world of the all-time favorite energetic blockbuster series. Timing perfectly with the upcoming release of ‘Fast X: Fast & Furious 10’, Mattel is set to propel Fast & Furious NFTs on May 22 – 29. 

The Hot Wheels NFT Garage x Fast & Furious NFTs — held on the Flow blockchain and created in collaboration with Cryptoys — are set to showcase renowned cars from the legendary movie: Brian O’Conner’s 1969 Camaro, Dominic Toretto’s 1970 Dodge Charger, and Suki’s Honda S2000, for just $20 apiece. Acting as digital certification, these digital assets verify authenticity and ownership — all distinctive to one another, ensuring exclusivity, originality, and, therefore, desirability. 

Like Mattel’s most recent digital collectibles, ‘Boss Beauties x Barbie‘, the Fast & Furious project enables holders to own a physical object. However, rather than shipping an iconic famous fashion doll, the redeemable prizes include a tangible metal replica of a Suki car for those who…

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