‘Mechanical Hand’ by Tyler Hobbs explores the realm of generative art


Tyler Hobbs is among the leading artists practising generative art right now. With Mechanical Hand at Unit London, the American artist marks his debut solo exhibition, focusing on the blend of analogue and digital art production. Mechanical Hand places at the forefront an aspect of Hobbs’ art that humanises the digital and juxtaposes it with imagery created by hand.

The 20 pieces on display include paintings, drawings, and select digital artworks by the digital artist through which he attempts to manifest imperfection and vulnerability within the digital process, often viewed as absolute and infallible. Hobbs creates these through algorithmic code, regular artistic instruments and plotters, which are robotic arms that he controls through computer systems. The exhibition also places Hobbs at a watershed moment in art history—influenced by the likes of Cy Twombly and Richard Diebenkorn, who integrated generative design techniques into their art, which was primarily created by hand.

This exhibition sets the tone for what will undoubtedly be a significant year for the artist,…

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