Blockchain Education Today Can Produce Web3 Champs Tomorrow: IBT


Many people often confuse blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies. With rapid expansion of the technology in the mainstream, users are finally getting acquainted with the concept. For the skepticals of the tech, they need to take a look at the metrics to witness how big its wingspan is currently. That too without a mass adoption.

Blockchain Can Simplify Complex Processes

Educational institutes are a major part of students’ career but a few complex processes like obtaining degrees can hamper their future. According to International Business Times (IBT), the US-based online newspaper, young visionaries are more important than crypto traders for global web3 adoption. Blockchain can help create permanent unalterable academic records.

This can lighten the students’ burden in obtaining important docs including degree verifications and other credentials. Blockchain may help them considering they are required to present their achievements to get a job, professional certificates, foreign work permit and more. The editorial also quoted a World Bank metric highlighting the number…

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