How MicroStrategy’s Sats rewards spark employee motivation 


The use of the Lightning Network to bring scalability to the Bitcoin network is an aspect of Web3 that is being explored by the industry today. MicroStrategy is one of the foremost organizations developing and deploying solutions in this direction.

Cezary Raczko, Executive Vice President, Engineering at MicroStrategy, explained to the audience at the Bitcoin and Lightning for Corporation event organized by MicroStrategy how the company has been using Sats and the Lightning Network to improve the lives of its customers as well as employees.

Rewarding employees and Lightning integration with Zoom

The VP said that the Microstrategy Lightning rewards were set up by the company to compensate employees with Sats for attending meetings and for attending these meetings on time. “We set it up using MicroStrategy Lightning rewards so that if you join the meeting early or within the first 60 seconds of the meeting’s scheduled start time, you will get Sats.”

He noted that since it added the Sats reward system, more of its employees have shown up for meetings on time than ever, and…

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