Stearns Bank and Sardine’s operating system augment fintech compliance

US-based Stearns Bank has partnered with risk management solutions provider Sardine to augment the former’s fintech programme and address regulatory and compliance requirements.


Sardine’s all-in-one risk management and compliance platform helps sponsor banks manage fintech oversight risks without needing multiple service providers. Sardine utilises cutting-edge technology to consolidate critical compliance data and integrated risk scoring and offers banks a way to tackle modern fraud with real-time fraud detection, KYC, KYB, BSA/AML, and transaction monitoring in one solution.

Officials form Stearns Bank said that Sardine breaks down data silos and enables their teams to efficiently identify issues for remediation and quickly pull together and share relevant data for further audit, examination, and regulatory purposes as needed. This allows the bank to keep up with fintech innovation and scale its fintech offerings while enhancing risk management and streamlining compliance.

Keeping fintech partners up to date with compliance measures

With Sardine in place,…

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