Bitcoin Car debuts at Bitcoin2023 Miami


David Bailey, CEO of BTC Inc. and Bitcoin Magazine, has made waves in the Bitcoin community by adding his signature to the “First Bitcoin Car” at the Bitcoin2023 event. 

This puts him in the company of other notable Bitcoin players, including Tone Vays, Andreas Antonopoulos, and Bruce Fenton, among others. The $48M Prius is a symbol of the growing popularity of Bitcoin and its potential to revolutionize the way we think about money.

The name “Bitcoin Car” originated from Rasaah’s sale of 1,000 BTC in 2013 to purchase the car. At that time, it was worth $22,000, and by 2019 its value had climbed to $48M when the story went viral.

Bitcoin OGs from around the world signed the $48M Prius as a tribute to the Bitcoin movement and a decentralized future, enhancing the car’s status and value.

David Bailey, CEO of BTC and Bitcoin Magazine, commented that the car represents the first truly “serious” purchase made using Bitcoin, and it “was the original Lambo for Bitcoin.” If he had his way, he would like to own the car and preserve it in a Bitcoin Museum, he said.


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