Bitcoin Frogs’ NFT Sales Leaped to Top Spot


The recently minted Bitcoin Frogs NFT collection is shocking the digital art market. Launched just months ago, these “cryptographic amphibians” claimed the top spot as the most-traded collectibles, continuing to override renowned OG NFTs like the ever-so-famous Bored Apes.

Showcasing an ongoing frog trend, Space Pepes has just taken over the pole position, but fear not — the future of Bitcoin Frogs remains bright. Representing 10,000 frog-inspired digital collectibles and launching on the Bitcoin Ordinals platform in late February, Bitcoin Frogs have a total sales volume of $7,530,033.19 (278.2482 BTC) in May alone. 

Currently, the average sale price for a Bitcoin Frogs NFT hovers around the $3k mark (0.12 BTC). However, the highest sale in the past 24 hours (just moments ago) was a whopping $38,5k Although these prices may seem daunting, the driving trading volume suggests otherwise. Trading volumes reveal the ongoing appeal for such NFTs, bringing in 2,815 individual owners since debuting. Market participants, including novice and seasoned NFT traders, show extra…

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