Bitcoin In The Spotlight: US Presidential Candidate Advocates For Regulatory Measures


Bitcoin appears to be at the forefront of US politics, with several key stakeholders taking a positive stance on the leading cryptocurrency recently. The latest person to express his support for the leading currency is Robert Kennedy Jr., a Democratic candidate for the 2024 US presidential elections.

Kennedy Champions Bitcoin As A Symbol Of Democracy And Freedom  

During the ongoing Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami, Kennedy presented his proposals for regulating the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem and other cryptocurrencies. In his speech, Kennedy praised the crypto as more than just a cryptocurrency, describing it as a symbol of democracy and freedom. 

He argued that crypto technologies are driving innovation and criticized how the United States is stifling the industry, leading to innovation moving elsewhere. Kennedy outlined a four-pronged plan that he believes is crucial for regulating and developing the crypto ecosystem in the US. 

This includes a pledge to guarantee the right to own BTC and run a node, ensure neutral energy regulations, maintain the…

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