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Iris Nevins’ Blockchain and NFT journey is captivating by all standards!  As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Iris focuses on her contributions to the space rather than dwelling on potential limitations. 

The CEO of Umba Daima’s determination and forward-thinking approach is evident as she continues to make her mark in the Blockchain and NFT world. Driven by her devotion to empowerment, equality, and innovation, her passion for aiding creators and promoting parity through technology is palpable as she shares her insights on the future of Blockchain and NFTs, especially in Africa. 

Iris thinks NFTs will go beyond just artwork and become a primary method for storing and tracking various data, from medical records to legal documents and voting data. To fully leverage the potential of Blockchain in Africa, she emphasizes the importance of educating Africans on technology, supporting innovators, and improving infrastructure such as high-speed internet and access to computers.

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