How spouses hide assets, crypto hunters find them

  • Financial infidelity has become increasingly sophisticated, as investors “hop” coins across blockchains and sink their cash into metaverse properties.
  • CNBC spoke with divorce attorneys from Florida, New York, Texas and California, blockchain forensic investigators, financial advisors, spouses who were hunting down virtual coins and some of the crypto holders themselves to find out how crypto plays into divorce.

A few months into her divorce proceedings, Sarita thought it was suspicious that her spouse, who earned $3 million annually, didn’t have many assets. After spending half a year on discovery and enlisting the help of a forensic accountant, the New York housewife eventually tracked down 12 bitcoins — then worth half a million dollars — in a previously undisclosed crypto wallet.

Sarita, who was married for a decade and asked to use a pseudonym to protect herself from retaliation, said she felt blindsided by her husband’s cryptocurrency investment.

“I know of bitcoin and things like that. I just didn’t know much about it,” Sarita said. “It was never even a thought in my mind,…

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