Hyperspace and Mysten Labs Partner to Bring Next-Level Web3 Gaming and NFT Trading to the Sui Blockchain


New York, United States, May 19th, 2023, Chainwire

Hyperspace, the pioneering NFT marketplace and launchpad, today announced a partnership with Mysten Labs, a web3 infrastructure company and original contributor to Sui, a Layer 1 blockchain, to help bring Hyperspace onto the protocol.

As one of the leading open web marketplaces for NFTs, Hyperspace drives openness and composability in web3 through its full suite of user-friendly NFT products, allowing users to discover, trade and mint NFTs and enjoy new, immersive web3 games. Through this strategic partnership with Mysten Labs and expansion onto the Sui blockchain, Hyperspace is set to revolutionize the world of web3 gaming and NFT trading, enabling unparalleled experiences for users.

At the core of this new capability is Sui’s robust horizontal scalability and object-based model, which enables an easy-to-use developer experience and allows for efficient handling of dynamic NFTs. This breakthrough feature will serve as a catalyst for the creation of immersive web3 games, in which players can truly own and interact with their…

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