Pudgy Penguins Smash Amazon Debut, Sells Over 20,000 Toys


With the launch of its new “Phygital” Toy Collection & Experience on e-commerce giant Amazon, the popular NFT collection Pudgy Penguins saw explosive interest and sales.

According to project CEO Luca Netz, Pudgy Penguins saw over $500,000 in purchases over the first two days, surpassing 20,000 individual toys sold. 

Across several Twitter Spaces yesterday, Netz said the team’s thesis is that “they want Pudgy penguins to win but also push the space forward,” adding that they are focused on bringing millions of users into the Web3 space in ways that the team doesn’t even yet fathom.

Alejandro Navia, co-founder and president of NFT content and analysis website nftnow, posted that the toys dominated Amazon sales charts over the past 48 hours, beating legacy brands like Disney, Transformers, Pokemon, Barbie and Legos. 

The recent launch on Amazon is in line with the project’s approach, which is to get the largest companies and A-players from the music or sports world involved to bring in millions of users that haven’t delved into the NFT space yet, said the Pudgy Penguin…

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