Crypto Mixer Tornado Cash Under Attack: Exploiter Seizes Governance Control


By addressing the isolation challenge in distributed blockchain ecosystems, PLXYER aims to become the leading platform for blockchain gaming.

With Web3’s rise, expectations for blockchain games have soared, particularly in terms of gameplay. 

Enter PLXYER, a revolutionary distribution platform breaking down barriers in the Web3 game and asset space.

PLXYER aims to make blockchain gaming accessible to all, fostering a fair, transparent, and rewarding gaming era.

What is PLXYER?

PLXYER, pronounced as “Player”, is a cutting-edge platform connecting Web3 developers and players, empowering gamers to fully utilize blockchain technology for an exceptional gaming experience. Its main goal is to promote the widespread adoption of blockchain gaming, offering players rewarding game experiences and a player-centric economy.

With a comprehensive suite of tools, PLXYER creates a software infrastructure layer that integrates game creation, management, and community ownership.

What is the revolutionary aspect of PLXYER?

After conducting in-depth research on the market environment and combining its…

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