DigiToads releases NFT preview as presale passes $3.5 million


DigiToads is a revolutionary stake-to-earn and play-to-earn meme-coin that is already attracting a lot of attention in the crypto community. Its pre-sale passing the $3.5 million mark is an indication that soon it will be able to embark on its next stage, which is an anticipatory moment for early participants in the pre-sale.

Shortly after The $3.5m milestone was passed DigiToads released a sneak peek of their 3500-strong NFT collection. DigiToads released images of 4 common NFTs and promised to release more previews in the coming weeks ahead of the June launch. The collection will include 2100 common NFTs, 1050 Rare NFTs and 250 Ultra Rare NFTs.

DigiToads Unique Experience and NFT Staking

In a crowded meme-coin space, DigiToads seems to be unique through its upcoming gaming experience on official launch that involves battling toad NFTs, nurturing them, and collecting new characters. The game is set in a make-believe environment that starts the player as a tadpole, which grows to become a formidable foe and friend in the later stages. While the concept seems simple, it…

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