FilmHedge is offering international filmmakers a credit lifeline through fintech | Features


With the banking system fragile and interest rates abnormally high across the world, an increasing number of filmmakers are seeking capital outside of traditional investment routes.

“Good luck trying to get a loan for anything from a bank right now, much less a film,” says Jon Gosier, founder and CEO of FilmHedge. “Filmmakers can still come to FilmHedge since our money and our interest rates are not tied to the banks. That is one of many benefits we offer to filmmakers and to financiers.”

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the fintech firm has a major presence at Cannes this year, where it is sponsoring the International Film Finance Forum and the Producer Forum.

“These events comprise the top echelon of the entertainment industry,” Gosier says. “As a funder of films with budgets as high as $50m, globally, FilmHedge has an important seat at the table.”

Gosier understands the importance of not only attending Cannes but of contributing to the success of the critical financial landscape that can make or break a project.

“We are not matching borrowers to funders but we…

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