From Crypto to Care: How Blockchain Is Transforming Healthcare Data Management


Build your blocks and chain them, making it virtually impossible to pass through! That’s precisely what “blockchain technology” has to offer. Blockchain in healthcare has the potential to reduce the significant loopholes in the application and management of medical data and records.

Along with its close kin, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain in healthcare projects promises to create an unprecedented level of accuracy, security, and privacy for both healthcare providers and patients.

What is blockchain technology?
The name “blockchain” refers to how digital transaction data is stored-in the form of blocks that are connected in a chain. The blockchain expands as the volume of transactions increases. The concept originated three decades ago, in 1991 when Satoshi Nakamoto of the University of California, Berkeley (California) created a mathematical structure for storing digital transactions or data in an unchangeable, dispersed, decentralized digital book made up of blocks linked by a secret (cryptographic) signature, the chain, that is nearly impossible to…

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